Song of the Day: Debbie Harry – Feel The Spin

Sometimes the OCD in me thinks that it would be interesting if I had kept track of when I had bought each of my records and CDs. That fine line between extreme detail and near insanity. High Fidelity, anyone?

But I didn’t keep track so I don’t know. But I’m 99% sure that the first 12″ single I ever bought was Feel The Spin. It’s from the soundtrack to Krush Groove. I don’t remember it being used in the movie Krush Groove but then again, I don’t remember much about the movie Krush Groove even though I know I saw it. I remember going to see it because it starred Run-DMC. I remember LL Cool J had a cameo. Wow – Sheila E was in it – don’t remember that. Well, it was probably still a step above Breakin’ and nowhere near the classic Beat Street.
And no, I’m not being sarcastic about Beat Street. I love that movie. If that movie had been just a little more serious, it would be truly great like 8 Mile. But it jumped around a little too much from drama to music to silly comedy.
But now I’m rambling. Play me out, Debbie.

Debbie Harry
Feel The Spin

Warner Bros. Records 0-20391
Produced by John “Jellybean” Benitez for Jellybean Productions, Inc.
Arranged by Toni C.
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Michael Hutchinson
Assistant Engineers: Mark Cobrin, Michael Abbott
Drums: Stephen Bray
Synths: Stephen Bray, Jack Walden
Guitar: Carlos Alomar
Background Vocals: Siedah Garrett, Audrey Wheeler, Cindy Mizelle, Debbie Harry
From the motion picture soundtrack Krush Groove

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