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Classic Chicago House Music Mix 3

Here’s a new live turntable mix from some classic house and dance vinyl.
80 minutes long so it will fit on a CD if you’re old school like that.
Get it as a torrent here or here.
Direct download is available as multiple mp3s (for each song) in a zip file here or as one huge mp3 here.

Enough choices for you? Still undecided? Then check out the YouTube micro-mix 15 minute version.

Song of the Day: Jesse Velez – Girls Out On The Floor

So here’s a song I missed the first time around. This is the second single released on Trax Records and I had just started DJing around this time and wasn’t making trips yet to Grammaphone and Importes Etc for cool local music. I found it in a bargain bin years later and didn’t like it then but now I think it’s great. I love finding ‘new’ music right in my own record crates.
So since I have never seen his name again, I did some Googling. The story goes that he committed suicide just before this song became a club hit. Well, that’s a buzzkill. But instead, let’s remember the good times and dance to his early latin-house classic.

Jesse Velez
Girls Out On The Floor

Trax Records TX102

Song of the Day: Robert Howard & Kym Mazelle – Wait

Robert Howard and The Blow Monkeys were more of a British pop/dance band (according to Wikipedia – I’m not familiar with them). But he put out this single with Kym Mazelle and once he had it remixed by Detroit legend Kevin Saunderson – you’ve got a seriously cool techno vibe.

Robert Howard & Kym Mazelle
Wait (Short)

RCA PT 42598
Produced by Dr Robert
Engineered by Andy Mason
Mixed by Kevin Saunderson

Song of the Day – Fresh – Dum-Dum / The Real Love / The Set

Here’s a strange but cool one from the dawn of house music.
Some beats and samples with a lot of other songs mixed and scratched in give it more of a early 80s New York hip hop vibe.
No names are listed on the record except for ‘Fresh’ but I’d guess that Jesse Saunders had something to do with it since a few of his songs are mixed in.


Precision Records PR 102

Produced by Fresh

Fingers Inc and Martin Luther King blocked in Germany

As you probably have noticed, I take a number of my old records, add still photographs of the record sleeve and label, call that a ‘video’ and upload them to Youtube.

Not surprisingly, sharing old, hard to find music with the world is viewed as a copyright violation by some business entities. About half of the videos I upload are flagged as ‘Matched third party content’. But it’s cool because they don’t do anything – they don’t block the videos or make me take them down. About the only repercussion is that additional ads might appear next to the video and the company that owns the songs gets the money. I am technically violating copyright and Youtube and the publishers (so far) are cool with it so I can’t and won’t complain. This happens 1000s of times a day on Youtube.

But something bizarre happened with my last upload. I uploaded the 3 tracks from the single Can You Feel It by Fingers Inc. Track 1 is the music with a vocal track by Robert Owens. Track 2 is an instrumental version. And Track 3 is an instrumental version mixed with Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech.
Tracks 1 and 2 ‘matched third party content’ immediately – again, no hassle towards me so no complaints.
But today track 3 is listed as blocked in Germany due to Sony Music Entertainment.

Soooo, the instrumental is fine – but once you add MLK to it, it’s blocked? Sometimes, trying to understand how copyright law works just makes my head hurt.

While typing this post, I looked on Wikipedia (where everything is factual and true!) and saw that the I Have A Dream speech is not in the public domain but is owned and protected by the estate of Martin Luther King Jr. That still doesn’t explain why Sony blocked this video or why it’s only blocked in Germany (so far). I guess this means that…’s making my head hurt some more.