Livestrong Community Impact Project voting – social media gone wrong.

Ok, I saw this on Facebook today and it’s really bothering me.

Livestrong Community Impact Project
From the website: You can bring programs proven to support families fighting cancer to communities across the country.

For the first time ever, your vote will determine where LIVESTRONG community impact resources go. Hundreds of qualified hospitals, cancer centers and community organizations have applied to be part of three different programs—Creative Centers, Super Sibs! and Cancer Transitions—and the applicants with the top votes per region will receive a financial award of support from LIVESTRONG.

Vote for the applicants in your region and bring help where it’s needed most.

I know that every person, community, company, and project in the world wants to be Facebook friendly and send Twitter updates to the world. But am I the only one who finds this idiotic and insulting? You’re telling me that you can’t determine where this money will go based on community needs and the capabilities of the hospital? Instead, money for a cancer center will be determined by internet ballot-stuffing and who has the most influence on 4chan?!?!
Can we leave internet voting to things like ‘Choose the ugliest dog’, ‘Name this baby elephant’, and ‘Pick the color of Kayne’s new teeth’.

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