About Leroy Skibone

Greetings – I’m Leroy Skibone.
I’m an old school house / techno DJ who also messes around with dubstep, rock and anything else in my music collection.
I’m looking to hookup with any clubs, promotors, web radio stations, and other DJs.
I’m out in the Chicago suburbs so anything in Chicago or the suburbs is cool – or even Rockford, Beloit, Milwaukee, etc.
Anything to get back out in front of some crowds and make some people dance.
You can contact me at leroy@leroyskibone.com or use the form below.
Follow me on Facebook.
I post micro-mixes and old school tunes on YouTube
You can also find my mixes on House-Mixes.

I’ve spent 1000’s of hours digitizing all my old classic house vinyl and now I’m taking those classic tracks into the future with the help of Ableton. Check out my mixes pages and see if you agree.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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