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Song of the Day – Mike Dunn – So Let It Be Houze! / Life Goes On / Magic Feet

Here’s a three song single from Mike Dunn and Chris “Bam Bam” Westbrook.
I’ve always loved Magic Feet since it was more upbeat and the other two were more dark and minimal but now they have grown on me too.

Westbrook Records MD-WB-106

Song of the Day – Sterling Void and Paris Brightledge – It’s All Right

Here’s one of those soulful house tunes that I didn’t like much when it was released but now I love it.

Sterling Void and Paris Brightledge
It’s All Right
DJ International Records DJ 902
Produced by Sterling Void and Marshall Jefferson

Infinity Tunes 08/21

Some fun shows this last weekend on Infinity Tunes.
Back in the days, I was a house music collector. I didn’t care if it was a good record or not – if it was on a Chicago label, I bought it. As you can imagine, my record collection has a lot of junk.

A few years ago, I organized it a bit into good/junk crates. But it’s amazing how musical tastes change over the years. My main preference back then was the standard ‘jack’ house tracks – White Knight, Bad Boy Bill, Mickey Oliver, Mr Lee, etc. Now I’m finding a lot of good music that I previously put into my ‘junk’ crates.

Some of it is crazy, dark acid tracks that were pretty far ahead of their time when they came out. Stuff from Bam-Bam, James Jackrabbit Martin and others.
Interesting ambient-ish house from people like Virgo and others.
And although I’ve always loved disco, I didn’t care much the soulful/disco house tracks that were coming out back then. And now I love them. What? “It’s All Right” by Sterling Void and Paris Brightledge in the junk crate? That song is blowing my mind right now.

So thats what I did this weekend on my shows – started digging through the ‘junk’ crates to find all the gems that I have previously neglected. A few non-gems got through but I’ll leave it up to you to decide which was which.

You can listen to Saturdays show here.

(Update – December 2011 – It seems the show was deleted from Ustream. Thats why I always record my shows locally now.)

Song of the Day – a-ha – The Sun Always Shines on TV / Driftwood

I’m not sure where I originally heard this song. Probably MTV back in their video days. I loved the album version and was wondering what sort of remix they did with it. The main addition seems to be mostly some cowbell-ish percussion that I found extremely grating the first time I heard it but it quickly grew on me.
I tossed in the B-side Driftwood just to complete the 12 inch single.
Youtube had a field day with this one. Suggested tags include ‘house techno’, ‘new wave’, ‘disco’, ‘farsi’, ‘latin’, ‘turkish’, ‘classical’, ‘tango’, ‘medley’, and about a dozen others.
Rambling aside – the single is played at 45 rpm and is around 128bpm. If you play the instrumental at 33, you get this wierd, hypnotic, ambient 94bpm vibe that I thought sounded cool. I assumed that was just some wierdness on my part but shortly after the singles release, I heard the instrumental played – at the 33 speed – used as background music for some sports show video montage.

Song of the Day – Yello – The Race (The Pits Mix) (Remix by Mayday)

Two of my favorite artists join forces – Yello and Derrick May (aka Mayday).
And the result is…well, I hoped for something better, but it’s certainly interesting.

The Race (The Pits Mix)
Song by Boris Blank and Dieter Meier
Remixed by Derrick May (Mayday)

FYI – The B side is the standard dance mix of Oh Yeah.