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I was recording all my vinyl last year (it took so long I may have started in 2008 or 2009) and I stopped last year when I was 99.something percent done. All that was remaining was a bunch of B-sides that I didn’t care about. Our Darkness by Anne Clarke – classic. The b-side ‘The Sitting Room’ – yeah, whatever.

So I finished those up today – and Excel says that my recording project is 99.9027 percent complete. Why not 100?
Goddamn J.M. Silk! That’s why!
I’ve got a nasty scratch on Music Is The Key and the Basement Key version just ain’t gonna play without skipping.

Also, I should say ‘the first part of my recording project’. It took literally years to do this part (time management ain’t always my strength) – and that was only the top 4 ‘good crates’ of music. I’ve still got 6 more crates to go through – a lot of it is complete shit, but there is some good and even great stuff in there that just didn’t fit into those 4 main crates at whatever time I sorted them.

Curtis McClain is sitting in one of those ‘lesser’ crates with a bunch of his friends yelling “Lets get busy!”
Maybe next month….year….sigh

Song of the Day: The It – Donnie

A classic track from the early house days.
Here’s my “you kids get off my lawn” moment. With all the foul language that is in top 40 rap and pop nowadays – some of it bleeped, some of it not – I remember when they would play Donnie in mixes and have to edit/bleep out the word ‘ho’.
Damn – I think they use worse language than that now on Saturday morning cartoons.

The It

DJ International Records DJ 893
Lead Vocals: Robert Owens, Chip E, and Harri
Words & Music: Larry Heard, Chip E, and Harri
Recorded at Solo Studios
Engineered by Jerry Solo
Mixed by Chip E
Produced by Rocky Jones and Chip E

Song of the Day: Bizzy B – 416 EP

I love this single/EP, particularly 416, and I wish we had heard some more from these guys, but they only released a few records including this, the Jackstreet Inc EP and a few others that I don’t have according to Discogs.

Bizzy B
416 / B With U / Summer House / The Night Calls / Solomon B

Jack Street JSR-003
Produced by R. Rodgers, S. Bramlett
Special thanks to George Luif of Startrax Recording
Special thanks to the staff at SRO Records

Song of the Day: White Knight – Gonna Jack

White Knight
Gonna Jack

Dance Mania Records DM-007
Produced, Written and Arranged by Nick H.
Mixed by Nick H. and Kevin Halstead
Special thanks to Dwayne J. Kyles and George Ruiz

Song of the Day: Chip E – If You Only Knew

One of the first major crossover hits from the house world – and the story goes that he got screwed so bad in getting paid that he stopped recording music.

Chip E.
If You Only Knew

D.J. International Records DJ 779
Written by I.L. Eberhart and Lady Meia
Produced by Chip E. & The Boyz
Vocals by Jack N. House