Monthly Archives: April 2011

Song of the Day: Mario Reyes – Whatever Turns You On

Mario Reyes
What Ever Turns You On (Club Mix)

D.J. International Records DJ913
Produced by Ralphi Rosario & Mario Reyes
Lyrics Written by Neraida Pagan, Ralphi Rosario & Mario Reyes
Exec. Producer: Rocky Jones
Lead Vocals: Neraida Pagan
Background Vocals: Ralphi Rosario & Mario Reyes
Mixes by Ralphi Rosario and Farley Jackmaster Funk

Song of the Day: Kenny Jammin Jason with Fast Eddie Smith – Can U Dance

Oh yeah, it doesn’t get much more classic than this.
Plus, I love the ‘7 Ways to get off my speakers’ in the skratch-a-pella.

Kenny Jammin Jason with Fast Eddie Smith
Can U Dance

D.J. International Records DJ 932
Produced by Kenny Jason
Executive Producer: Rocky Jones

Song of the Day: No Name – Hypnotic House

No Name
Hypnotic House

House Nation Records HN 87053
Written by Shawn Shegog
Produced and Mixed by Mark Imperial
Edited by Quick Cut Soraya

Song of the Day: The Beatmasters – Burn It Up

Burn It Up (Yellow Sunset Mix)
Rhythm King LEFT R27T
Spiritually Remixed by Baby Ford
Additional Spiritual Programming by Mr Salt
Engineered by Lucy Blundun at Hollywood Studios
Written by P.P. Arnold / P. Carter / M. Glanfield / R. Walmsley

Burn It Up (Orange Sunshine Mix)
Rhythm King LEFT R27T
Spiritually Remixed by Baby Ford
Spiritually Edited by Beatmasters
Inspirational Programming by Mr Salt
Engineered by Mark Saunders at The Roundhouse
Written by P.P. Arnold / P. Carter / M. Glanfield / R. Walmsley

CompUSA sucks too

Thats right, CompUSA.

“But Leroy!”, you say. “CompUSA and their brain dead employees and their pain in the ass rebates closed a long time ago!”
That’s true. But then TigerDirect (who I thought had a pretty good reputation – could be wrong though), thought it would be a good idea to buy whatever was left of CompUSA and take their name.
That was a year ago or more.

So the last time I shopped at the Hoffman Estates TigerDirect / CompUSA, they had a good deal on a 1.5TB hard drive, but I had to mail in a rebate. That’s right – they took CompUSA’s name and said “Hmmm, what was the biggest complaint about CompUSA? Let’s bring that back!” Every damn thing you look at “100 bucks (after mail-in rebate)”. A hassle, but I’m cheap, so I bought it. Kept my receipt, photocopied it and mailed in the photocopy with the rebate.
8-10 weeks later, I get an email saying that the photocopy is not clear enough and they cannot process the rebate. If I want, I can mail in another one and start the 8-10 week process again. I take choice B – count my loss, forget the rebate, and never shop there again.

I would love to see the moolah they make from their bullshit rebate process. The percentage of rebates that are sent in. The percent of rebates that are rejected. The extra money they make in interest by sitting on your rebate for 2+ months.

Why bring this up now? I passed by the store this morning and I see that the CompUSA sign is gone and a TigerDirect banner is back. I’m sure they spent millions on ‘corporate research on brand name recognition’ that led them to believe that CompUSA would be a better name. And any geek on the street could have told them “What – CompUSA? The place with the idioitic employees who know jack shit about their products and tell you that you need their extended warranty in case ‘your printer bursts into flames’ (Yes, a Best Buy employee used that logic on me once.) The place with the pain in the ass rebates on everything? You want to rename your store to that?!?! Are you fucking crazy?”

And now it seems they are going back to TigerDirect. I’m sure they spent millions on that research too. Maybe they are going to change their name to CircuitCity!