Monthly Archives: September 2011

Song of the Day: Sweet D – Thank Ya

Sweet D
Thank Ya / Do Do It / Turn It / Dig I Da-Dig I Da

Trax Records TX119
Written by Sweet D
Produced by Sweet D

Song of the Day: Two Without Hats – Try Yazz

Classic New York house song sampling the classic dance track Situation by Yazz (aka Yazoo)

Two Without Hats
Try Yazz

Micmac Records Inc. MIC 516
Produced, Arranged, Mixed and Edited by Danny “Holiday” Vargas and Victor Vargas for Kiss Connection Productions
Special Thanks To: Sean James 10. 1Been, Owen “O.S.” Soba, Sunny Ocaslo
Added Special Thanks to Anthony Papamichael for Libra Digital Productions

Song of the Day: White Knight – White Knight Jacks

Parlez vous francais, White Knight?
Jack le chez, baby!

White Knight
White Knight Jacks

Sunset Records, Inc. SUN-2780
Produced by Nick H. and Mark Imperial
Written and arranged by Nick H.
Mixed by Kevin Halstead and Mark Imperial
Special thanks to J.M. Silk and Dwain J. Kyles
Mark Imperial courtesy of House Nation Records

Song of the Day: Devo – Bruiser Mix (Single Edit)

Here’s a bonus song of the day – a very cool Devo mix that I found on some website many years ago and has been sitting on my hard drive since then.

Again – I did not make this mix!
I posted it because I can’t seem to find it on the internet anywhere anymore. I’ve found some references to it – including the fact that this is supposedly the short version of this mix.
If you have the long version, please send it my way.
If you are the creator of this mix – let me know so I can give you credit.

Here are (all?) of the songs in the mix:

Whip It
Working In A Coal Mine
Peek A Boo
Beautiful World
Through Being Cool
Here To Go
Smart Patrol
Thats Good
Girl U Want
Freedom Of Choice
Gates Of Steel
Are You Experienced?
Jerkin’ Back ‘N’ Forth
Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)
Big Mess
Jocko Homo

Song of the Day: House Gang – Hittrax II EP

House Gang – Hittrax EP – Mike Hitman Wilson. Results – meh
House Gang – Hittrax III EP – Mike Hitman Wilson. Results – meh.
House Gang – Hittrax II EP – Mike Hitman Wilson, Bad Boy Bill, Mr Lee, DJ Pierre.
Results – classic.
Sometimes you just need the right ingredients.
(P.S. – If you don’t know what L.T.D. stands for, don’t play it on speakers at work!)
(P.P.S. – L.T.D. disappeared from Youtube – I got cocky and put some of the lyrics in the tags – that must have set off some flag somewhere, unless it was just a coincidence that this is the first time a completed upload went to a status of ‘upload aborted’. I’ll upload it again without adding the ‘lyrics’.)

House Gang
Hittrax II EP
Work My Body / Let No Man Trax / Cool J Trax / L.T.D.

International House Records IHR-004
Produced and Mixed by Mike Hitman Wilson
Additional Production by Mr. Lee and DJ Pierre
Executive Producer: Bad Boy Bill
Special thanks to: Juan Tovar, Homer Cunningham, and Mike Alexander