Infinity Tunes 08/21

Some fun shows this last weekend on Infinity Tunes.
Back in the days, I was a house music collector. I didn’t care if it was a good record or not – if it was on a Chicago label, I bought it. As you can imagine, my record collection has a lot of junk.

A few years ago, I organized it a bit into good/junk crates. But it’s amazing how musical tastes change over the years. My main preference back then was the standard ‘jack’ house tracks – White Knight, Bad Boy Bill, Mickey Oliver, Mr Lee, etc. Now I’m finding a lot of good music that I previously put into my ‘junk’ crates.

Some of it is crazy, dark acid tracks that were pretty far ahead of their time when they came out. Stuff from Bam-Bam, James Jackrabbit Martin and others.
Interesting ambient-ish house from people like Virgo and others.
And although I’ve always loved disco, I didn’t care much the soulful/disco house tracks that were coming out back then. And now I love them. What? “It’s All Right” by Sterling Void and Paris Brightledge in the junk crate? That song is blowing my mind right now.

So thats what I did this weekend on my shows – started digging through the ‘junk’ crates to find all the gems that I have previously neglected. A few non-gems got through but I’ll leave it up to you to decide which was which.

You can listen to Saturdays show here.

(Update – December 2011 – It seems the show was deleted from Ustream. Thats why I always record my shows locally now.)