Song of the Day – a-ha – The Sun Always Shines on TV / Driftwood

I’m not sure where I originally heard this song. Probably MTV back in their video days. I loved the album version and was wondering what sort of remix they did with it. The main addition seems to be mostly some cowbell-ish percussion that I found extremely grating the first time I heard it but it quickly grew on me.
I tossed in the B-side Driftwood just to complete the 12 inch single.
Youtube had a field day with this one. Suggested tags include ‘house techno’, ‘new wave’, ‘disco’, ‘farsi’, ‘latin’, ‘turkish’, ‘classical’, ‘tango’, ‘medley’, and about a dozen others.
Rambling aside – the single is played at 45 rpm and is around 128bpm. If you play the instrumental at 33, you get this wierd, hypnotic, ambient 94bpm vibe that I thought sounded cool. I assumed that was just some wierdness on my part but shortly after the singles release, I heard the instrumental played – at the 33 speed – used as background music for some sports show video montage.