Youtube makes it clear this time

Ok Youtube and Warner Music Group – I suppose you gave me clarity and I should be grateful for that, but all it does is give me more questions.
Using Death Cab for Cutie in a mix had the Warner bot block my mix in 235 (give or take a few – I counted them quickly) countries. I mocked them – saying it would be easier to tell me where it wasn’t blocked.
Well, today I uploaded an old Devo song. And WMG made it quite clear.

As I said – I appreciate the clarity. But wait a minute, does that mean there were countries that Death Cab for Cutie was NOT blocked in? It included Iran, Antartica, and North Korea. But was there a country that WMG said – “welllll, ok – we’ll allow it there. It’s such a small market. It’s certainly no Greenland!”

Oh Youtube and WMG – you’re such a quirky couple. I find your antics so amusing. But I guess I need to check my record labels more carefully. I’ve amassed quite a collection on Youtube and I don’t want them yanking my account. But then again, that’s easier said than done. Warner Brothers / Warner Music isn’t even listed on the label for Disco Dancer. Now I have to know what other companies they bought? I guess I better stick with the Chicago and Detroit tracks for a while.

(Pssst – but you can still listen to the Bonus Beats version of Disco Dancer. That one slipped through their net. And it’s a kick ass jam!)