I was recording all my vinyl last year (it took so long I may have started in 2008 or 2009) and I stopped last year when I was 99.something percent done. All that was remaining was a bunch of B-sides that I didn’t care about. Our Darkness by Anne Clarke – classic. The b-side ‘The Sitting Room’ – yeah, whatever.

So I finished those up today – and Excel says that my recording project is 99.9027 percent complete. Why not 100?
Goddamn J.M. Silk! That’s why!
I’ve got a nasty scratch on Music Is The Key and the Basement Key version just ain’t gonna play without skipping.

Also, I should say ‘the first part of my recording project’. It took literally years to do this part (time management ain’t always my strength) – and that was only the top 4 ‘good crates’ of music. I’ve still got 6 more crates to go through – a lot of it is complete shit, but there is some good and even great stuff in there that just didn’t fit into those 4 main crates at whatever time I sorted them.

Curtis McClain is sitting in one of those ‘lesser’ crates with a bunch of his friends yelling “Lets get busy!”
Maybe next month….year….sigh