Song of the Day – Mark Shreeve – Legion

I’ll be uploading a bunch of classic tunes to Youtube – but I may miss a day here or there so don’t take ‘song of the day’ quite so literally.

When I first got into house music and mixes in the 80s, there weren’t any good music stores out in the suburbs with a good selection of 12 inch singles. Feeling frustrated, I finally called one of the distributors listed on one of the singles (probably Quantum), and they gave me a few suggestions. One of them was Importes Etc. It seemed like a big adventure for a buddy and me to drive into downtown Chicago to go to some hidden, dingy little record store. (And make no mistake – back in 1986, Importes was pretty dingy. They remodeled a few years later.)
I spent a bunch of money that day, probably mostly Trax and DJ International stuff. The only record I specifically remember buying was Legion by Mark Shreeve. I was so excited that they had it. It was a record I had heard in a bunch of mixes on WBMX and WGCI. The reason I remember it is because – when I went to check out, the guy ringing up my purchases yelled to a co-worker something like “Hey – we finally got someone to buy our last copy of Legion.” I had the distinct impression that this guy was mocking me and my white boy, suburban tastes. Or it could have just been that they had bought too many copies and were finally glad to get rid of them all. Who knows? Don’t get me wrong – I was at that store 1000 times after that and everyone was always cool, but for my first impression, I wasn’t so sure about that place.

Mark Shreeve – Legion (Razor Mix)

Other versions of the song from the 12 inch:

Satan Mix

Single Edit

Space Mix