Infinity Tunes and hardware hell

I was chatting with JT during his show on Sunday. He said something like “I heard you had some problems with your equipment on your Saturday show….but then you always have problems, don’t you?”

I felt a little insulted – mainly because it was absolutely true.
I feel like me and my hardware are playing a zero-sum game lately. I upgrade one piece and something else breaks. I bought more memory and a new fan for my Ableton laptop – and my desktop monitor dies.
I get a new monitor – and my broadcast laptop dies.

I don’t know how old that laptop is, but it’s about 105 in human years. It can record and broadcast audio just fine, but a simple flash game will cripple it. Here’s a good idea of it’s age. I upgraded the RAM from 256megs to 768megs a few years ago.

5 minutes before showtime on Saturday, it turns off and doesn’t turn back on. (Maybe it didn’t like being vacuumed, but damn, it’s dusty in my basement!) It finally came back on later that day, so I guess it just wasn’t in the mood for house music.

For various reasons, I hadn’t done a live set on Infinity in what felt like ages. I did a house set with Ableton this Saturday and was quite pleased with it. 5 minutes before the show is over – BAM – Ableton goes down. So the set was lost.

I spent Sunday evening backing up my Ableton laptop, reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP, and reinstalled Ableton. Oh look, version 8.2.2 is out. Will that be any more stable? There is nothing in the release notes that hints that it will be. Bah.

Well, as long as I’m having a bitch session – Youtube is stuck as I type this. The two videos I uploaded are stuck in processing hell. All my uploads last week were processed super quick. It’s been my experience that if they haven’t processed within a few minutes, they ain’t gonna process. (I’ve waited 24 hours before with no luck.) So, time to cancel and restart.

And it’s frickin’ snowing outside!