Infinity Tunes – 80s Chicago house turntable mix – 11/13/2010

Here’s a turntable mix I did live on Infinity Tunes a few weeks ago. I dug through my crates and used a few tunes that I haven’t used in quite a while. The occasional skips/jumps are because of internet streaming hiccups, not because my records skip!

I can’t get this damn thing to embed without autoplaying – and any website that autoplays anything needs to be nuked from orbit.

(Update – December 2011. Another mix missing from Ustream. Again – not missing much with this one.)

Song list:
Tikkle – In The Beginning
Adonis – No Way Back
K Alexi – Don’t Cha Want It
Nexus 1 – Yo Body
Jack Master Funk – Jack The Bass
Modern Mechanical Music – Persia
Mark Imperial And Dennis Ramirez – Rock This House
Red Parrot 228 – Beat Track 18
Souled Out – Go House Yourself
Phuture – The Creator
Reese & Santonio – The Sound
Fantasy Club – Mystery Girl
Bang The Party – Release The Acid
Channel One – Technicolor
House Gang – Work My Body
Mr Lee – Pump Up Chicago
Virgo – Virgo Four
Lil Louis – French Kiss
J.M. Silk – I Can’t Turn Around
Frankie Hollywood And The Heat – Feel The Fire Remix
Mark Imperial – Jadore Danser
LNR – It’s A Mystery To Me
Mr Lee – Rock This Place
Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Fantasy Girl
MTS 2 – Crash MTS
Reese And Santonio – Bounce Your Body To The Box
Fast Eddie – The Whop
K OS – Definition Of Love
The Unknown – Get On It
House Master Baldwin – Don’t Lead Me Remix
Seperate Minds – 1st Bass
Mike Dunn – Magic Feet
Razz – Say It
Lidell Townsell – Get The Hole
Mr Lee – House This House
New Order – Fine Time
Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky
Inner City – Do You Love What You Feel
Revoked – Pieces
Reese – Rock To The Beat
K Alexi Shelby – My Medusa
Phuture – We Are Phuture
The Bass Boyz – Lost In The Bass
Terry Baldwin – I Have A Dream