Song of the Day: Mix N Tel – Feel The Beat

Now I don’t want to get all ass-kissy on Bad Boy Bill, but between 1988 and 1990, it seemed that anything he touched was instantly amazing house music. It took him some time to get there. Some of his first few singles – ‘Can You Jack’ and ‘Jack It All Night Long’ were decent enough tracks but pretty thin especially compared to his later work. It seems that every one of my favorite songs from 1988 on has his name either right at the top or in small print somewhere down below.
House Gang – Hittrax II
Bad Boy Bill – 1st Revelation
The Bass Boyz – Lost In The Bass
Criminal House – Rhythm Talk
and on and on.

So when I walked into Gramaphone one day and they had a new release on the wall – a blank white test pressing with a sticker underneath that said ‘New Bad Boy Bill record’ – I didn’t even need to listen to it first. I never even knew what the actual artist and title name was until recently when I finally looked it up. I took the info from the Discogs listing so blame them if any of the info is wrong.

Enjoy this amazing hip-house track. This was in 1990, just before the whole Chicago house scene basically imploded on itself. This was the last single from Bill’s International House Records label from that golden house era until the label started up again in 1995.

Mix N Tel
Feel The Beat

International House Records IHR-009
Mixes by Bad Boy Bill, DJ Pierre, Bob Mixmaster McMahon.