Vinyl recording – home stretch

So how busy have I been recording all of my vinyl? Have you seen any posts here? Have you seen me post anything on Facebook? Anything on Youtube?
Thats how busy I have been. I work a regular 8-5 job, but other than that, every waking hour has been spent recording.
The second USB audio input got here on Friday, March 9th. And here’s what I have been looking at ever since:

Each turntable going to a USB convertor to a laptop.
Now, Leroy’s version of Murphy’s Law is: “Nothing is ever easy.”
These are my PCs: a 2005 desktop, a 2004 laptop, and a 2000 laptop.
When I went to start recording on Saturday, the 2000 laptop decided that the display should stay off. I’d open it up and the display would turn on a for a second or two, then turn back off.
Repeat this about 100 times and see how frustrated you get.
Somewhere around attempt 150, it finally stayed on, but even a cheap bastard like me has his limits.
I went looking online for a new laptop – not a ‘new’ laptop, I’m too cheap – but a refurbished laptop, you know – not new, but new to me.
Dell had a nice one for 199, but then wanted an extra 25 bucks for shipping that would take a week. That seemed like they were putting some of the laptop price into the shipping – I hate that.
So then I checked out Toshiba – they had one for 229 that included shipping. So it was the same price, but it was a nicer laptop – bigger screen and more memory. Plus, the shipping would have it arrive between Tuesday, March 13th and Monday, March 19th. My eyes zoomed in at that March 13th date. “A new laptop by Tuesday – sold!” (Surprise surprise, it got here on the 19th.)
But the old, old laptop hasn’t broken again yet so the recording continues – day after day.

Normally, sitting in the house recording for two weeks would be a good use of time in a Chicago winter. “Nothing is ever easy.” Mother Nature has chosen this time to give Chicago it’s second warmest winter in history, right when I started recording. It’s normally between 30-40 degrees. It’s been between 60-80 degrees. Not even spring weather – it jumped straight to summer.
Sure, I could postpone the recording and go out in the sun, but sometimes I get focused to a fault. I want this recording project done and I won’t stop until it’s complete.

So I’ve been sitting in the house for over two weeks recording nonstop while summer weather taunts me outside.
And the final pain in the ass? Poor planning. I have my records organized into three different types of crates: The good stuff, the non-so-good stuff, and the complete shit (I won’t mention record names now because some of the ‘pioneers’ get really touchy about their not-so-classic releases). Well, I saved the shit for last. So, not only am I tired of recording and missing good weather – but now that I’m nearing the end of my patience, I’m listening to the worst Z-grade house music ever made!

But I’m on the last crate – should be done on Wednesday.

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  1. Mark

    So can we look forward to some new mixes in the very near future 🙂 Hope your vinyl ripping is going well,it is a long laborious task but it is worth it…Good luck…

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