Monthly Archives: August 2010

Missing records

So in some meandering conversation the wife and I were having recently, the topic of conversation went to JJ Fad’s “Supersonic”. (Doesn’t that happen to you all the time?) I’ve been reorganizing and cataloging my records lately and I realized that even though I know I had that record, I haven’t seen it. And one by one, I’ve thought of other records that I’m missing.
Where is Salt N Pepa – Push It?
Where is Information Society – Whats On Your Mind?
I’m missing vinyl! I hope it’s not like socks that disappear one at a time. Cause once some Adonis or JM Silk goes missing, I’ll be in big trouble.
I stored my records in my parents basement a few years back but they claim to not have any of my records – just their own. I don’t believe them. I’m going to have to check this out in person. (And what a pain that is – any visit there involves 2+ hours of uninstalling some spyware or toolbar that ‘magically’ appeared on their PC. “All this trouble started after you installed that Foxfire!” – I hear every time.)
They wouldn’t like it if I took their records. But I can’t recall ever wanting to listen to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers soundtrack or some Christmas polkas.

Infinity Tunes 08/07

Alright – I did my first live broadcast for Infinity Tunes and it was a lot of fun. Mixing straight from vinyl for the 3 hour set. Concentrated on a lot of classic house vocal tracks – Ten City, Liz Torres, JM Silk, etc. I’ll be back on again tomorrow – I might throw down some more underground acid sounds for that one.
The records pile up after the show:

Got lots of good feedback from the online crowd – thanks to everyone who tuned in!
The in-person crowd was not as enthusiastic:

I’ll be mixing house live from vinyl again tomorrow but I’ll also be trying some other music in the upcoming weeks with some new toys: