Song of the Day – Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings Of Life

The music that came out of Detroit in the 80s was like a cousin to house music in the family tree. You could see a few similarities but it was completely unique.
And when it comes to classic techno – it doesn’t get much better than Strings Of Life.
Here are four mixes of that song. Two from the original single on Transmat. A remix on Jack Trax. And the ’89 mix done by Juan Atkins. I’m not too fond of the 89 mix. It somehow loses the song’s classic vibe. But at least it came with some wild cover art.
And what does Youtube suggest for tags. House? Ohh, you’re going to upset the purists there, youtube. Olympic Games? Was this song used in some Olympic ceremony? Gangsta? Ok youtube, now you’re just trippin.
I love how it often suggests ‘vinyl’ for my uploads. I think thats their polite way of saying “too much static”.

Flam-Boy-Ant Mix
Jack Trax Exclusive Remix
Strings Of Life ’89 (Juan’s Magic Mix)

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