Song of the Day: House Gang – Hittrax II EP

House Gang – Hittrax EP – Mike Hitman Wilson. Results – meh
House Gang – Hittrax III EP – Mike Hitman Wilson. Results – meh.
House Gang – Hittrax II EP – Mike Hitman Wilson, Bad Boy Bill, Mr Lee, DJ Pierre.
Results – classic.
Sometimes you just need the right ingredients.
(P.S. – If you don’t know what L.T.D. stands for, don’t play it on speakers at work!)
(P.P.S. – L.T.D. disappeared from Youtube – I got cocky and put some of the lyrics in the tags – that must have set off some flag somewhere, unless it was just a coincidence that this is the first time a completed upload went to a status of ‘upload aborted’. I’ll upload it again without adding the ‘lyrics’.)

House Gang
Hittrax II EP
Work My Body / Let No Man Trax / Cool J Trax / L.T.D.

International House Records IHR-004
Produced and Mixed by Mike Hitman Wilson
Additional Production by Mr. Lee and DJ Pierre
Executive Producer: Bad Boy Bill
Special thanks to: Juan Tovar, Homer Cunningham, and Mike Alexander

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