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Song of the Day: 2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman and a Dominican – Do It Properly

A classic piece of New York house and one of the first records by Robert Clivilles and David Cole (better known by their later work as C&C Music Factory). I always thought that the drums on this song (1988) sounded suspiciously similar to ‘No Way Back’ by Adonis (1987) but that’s just my opinion.

2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican
Do It Properly (The Original)

Grooveline AGRL 5001
Written, Produced & Arranged by:
Robert Clivilles and David Cole
A David Cole Keybd Affair
Mastermix Engr: Jim Lyons
A Jose Chep Nunez Edit
A Robert Clivilles Mix
For Stardom Groove Ent.

House-mixes jukebox

House-Mixes is a handy website, but their jukebox is very buggy. I had it on the main page and set it up so it would NOT auto-play, but it would ignore my wishes and auto-play anyway.

So I stuck it on it’s own seperate page available from the menu at the top.
So you can click up there whenever you want to hear the latest mixes from me, and it will probably start to play immediately even though I told it not too.

Classic Chicago House Mix – 05/15/2011

Here’s another house mix – this one from my Infinity Tunes broadcast on May 15, 2011.

Stream it from Soundcloud:
Classic Chicago House Mix – May 15, 2011 by Leroy Skibone

Download the mp3 directly here.
Or get it as a torrent (and help seed, please!) here or here.
Or stream it from House-Mixes here.

Here’s the tracklist.

Mr Lee – Pump Up Chicago
The Bass Boys – Lost In The Bass
Jackstreet Inc – Calypso Underground
J.M. Silk – I Can’t Turn Around
Phortune – String Free
Bad Boy Bill – Acid Sexx
The House Master Boyz – House Nation
Terry Baldwin – Do You Wanna Dance
Lidell Townsell – Get The Hole
Mr Lee – House This House
White Knight – Yo Baby Yo
Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me
Adonis – Lost In The Sound
Rickster – Night Moves
Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder
Maurice – Get Into The Dance
House Master Baldwin – Don’t Lead Me
Reese And Santonio – Bounce Your Body To The Box
Revoked – Pieces
MDIII – Personal Problem
MDIII – Face The Nation
Mickey Oliver and Ralphie Rosario – Pump Up The Acid
Cool House – Rock This Party Right
Royal House – Can You Party

Song of the Day: Rythim Is Rythim – Nude Photo / The Dance / Move It

With all their keyboards and drum machines, none of these guys had a dictionary!
Rythim, Rhythim, Rhythm – they spelled it differently every time.
Well, you’re supposed to listen to it, not spellcheck it (but I’m doing both.)

Rythim Is Rythim
Transmat MS 002

Nude Photo
Written by T. Barnett and Mayday

The Dance (Living Room Mix)
Written by D. Wynn and Mayday

Move It (Only Mix)
Written by Mayday

Song of the Day: Rhythim Is Rhythim – Unnamed

I forgot to post this one with the rest of the tracks from this single.
This is the 3rd song on the B-side.
The label only lists 2 songs, so call this ‘unnamed’ or ‘untitled’.
Just call it pure 80s Detroit.

Rhythim Is Rhythim
Unnamed (Unlabeled Track at end of record)

Transmat MS 004
Mix: Mayday & Stoney
Edits: Stoney
Produced by Mayday
Executive Producer: Mike Slade