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Song of the Day – Fingers Inc. – Can You Feel It

Larry Heard and the Fingers Inc gang took the 1986 song Can You Feel It, released on Trax Records by Mr Fingers, and reworked it for this 1988 version on the UK Jack Trax label.  The b-side contains vocals from a speech by Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

According to the back of the record sleeve, “Half of the proceeds of this record will be donated to the Martin Luther King Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia, USA”

Also, the back label of this single lists a 4th track – “Can You Feel It (accapella)” which does not exist on the record.

Fingers Inc.
Can You Feel It

Jack Trax JTX 20
Produced by Larry Heard.
Vocals by Robert Owens

Skibone and religious search engines

So recently, both Slashdot and NPR had stories about ‘religious’ search engines.  Now, my focus is music – politics and religion are not subjects I want to dive into on here.  For the curious – I was raised Catholic – but just barely.  My family never went to church but my mom did make me go to Sunday school for a year or two.   My mom said they were glad to see me go since I asked a lot of annoying (in other words – logical) questions.  “Two animals of every kind on this boat?  What did they eat?  Enough water to flood the world?  Where did the water go?”  All I remember is that it was every other week so I’d always miss the 2nd part of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. Currently, let’s just say my religious views are pretty much the same as Bill Maher’s.

But hey, this is from a marketing perspective.  I want my mixes to be listened to no matter who you worship – allah, xenu, peaceful black jesus, hateful Pat Robertson jesus, etc.   So let’s see how I do on these search engines.

Jewogle – the Jewish search engine.  Zero hits for Leroy Skibone or even just Skibone.  Bah – you killed Christ – no house music for you.  (My blashphemy is so severe that the site stopped working while I typed this post.)

SeekFind – the Christian search engine.  Zero hits for Leroy Skibone.  Bah.  But there were 3 hits for ‘priests molesting boys’.  (Yeah, might as well make everyone mad at me.)

ImHalal – the Muslim search engine.  Asalaam alaikum! (Translation – Booyah!)  ‘Leroy Skibone’ has results for my blog and torrents of mine on multiple sites!  I guess that’s good karma returned to me for fully supporting their mosque / community center / whatever it is down the street from the World Trade Center site – although strangely enough, no one of importance has asked for my opinion.

I guess there’s no Scientology search engine yet – but they spend their time suing Google, not trying to imitate them.

Song of the Day – Quest – Mind Games

Now here’s an absolute classic. Those drums! What is it about those drums? Some sort of early house / latin hybrid that is insanely infectious. And of course, this is (to my knowledge) the first song to feature the legendary Liz Torres on vocals.
They don’t list a seperate acapella mix which comes after the Street Mix on Side 1 but it doesn’t seem to be part of the same mix so I put it as a seperate track.

Mind Games
Street Mix / Underground Mix / Acapella

Sound Pak PL 5112-RRS
Vocals: Liz Torres
Produced and Mixed by R. Rimfire

Akai has some smart dudes

I’ll never abandon my turntables, but at the same time, I continue my snails pace work of working with Ableton Live.
I picked up an APC40 from Akai a few weeks back and finally got it setup.
I’ve only played with it for a bit so I’m not about to give it a full review yet. So far, it’s really cool but it was when I was setting it up that I first noticed the little bits of brilliance.

Here is where I wanted to plug it in. The typical power strip. One opening left and a big fat rectangular box (like the one on the left end) is not going to fit.

But here is the plug – yes, it’s boxy, but it’s not a fat rectangle, but a slim design with the bulk hanging off the side so that it…

fits perfectly into the power strip. So simple, so obvious – but I don’t own anything else with a plug like this. This plug says “Relax Leroy – everything will be fine. Now let’s make some music.”

Song of the Day – Yello – The Race / Another Race

More from my Yello collection. The A side is an 13 minute extended version of The Race from the Yello album Flag. B side is a remix called Another Race (Magician’s Vers. for Tempest + Cottet).

The Race (12″ Extended Mix)
Another Race (Magician’s Vers. for Tempest + Cottet)

Fontana 870 330-1
Music composed and arranged by Boris Blank
Lyrics and vocals by Dieter Meier
Produced by Yello
Cover by Ernst Gamper